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I like the game but the title confuses me somewhat, the story has little to do with both fuel and insanity, I think it should be called the "gay curse" instead :D


Spoilers and whatnot:

Words aren’t coming that easily as I try to write this comment so just know there are many things left unsaid, all good, but difficult to write. I played through a few times–each time going to Daren not Ted after the outburst so I never knew what Jeffry’s diagnosis was (in story). At the same time I’ve never (evar) felt as close to a MC before and my spidey sense was telling me BPII which is what I live with IRL. Having just chosen to go to Ted instead of Daren and find that out in-game really put me through it, tears for all of the best reasons. Thank you for such a thoughtful portrayal of not only someone with BPII, but also a nuanced life and cast of characters who are (if not in-the-know specifically) understanding and caring for their friend. Even just a VN like this is enough to make the world feel a little less lonely and make some struggles feel less insurmountable.


Parker... Please why him😭. I didn't expect him to be so cute when the flashback began. Why did he have to die? Why?

Is there a guide outlining the ways to get to each of the endings and any changes your choices cause?


For the most part, there isn't really a need for a guide since you'll get on whichever path you want naturally. Major choices also tend to be emphasized as well, such as one that says it'll be the most important decision of your life.

If it helps though, the first split is whether you choose to accept or reject Caijoru's offer. If you accept his offer then it splits into Daren's and Ted's routes on Day 7.

If you've been spending time with Ted, then you'll be on Ted's route. If you've been spending time with Daren, then you'll be on Daren's route. If you've been spending time with both, then you'll be given an option between the two on Day 7. The only exception is that if you've told Ted you have feelings for him, then you will be guaranteed to be on Ted's route in this path.

From there, both routes split into multiple endings. The choices for which ending you get are made obvious when you get there. The only change is that one of Ted's endings changes slightly depending on whether or not you've said you have feelings for him.

Now, backing up a bit. If you rejected Caijoru's offer, then you eventually get an option for who's route you want. This is also made obvious when you get there. None of the routes on this path are finished just yet.

As far as other choices throughout the vn go, they do not affect which route/ending you get. If something does look like it would make an obvious impact on the ending, then it won't. These choices are there are flavor and only affect small bits and pieces here and there. An example is that if you order pancakes at the diner, then later on into the story, Daren will buy you pancakes because he knows you like them. Every single choice you are given will have at least some sort of change later, even if it's small.

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I loved this novel it had good moments and sad i only wish i could of ended happier not saying the way it turned out to was bad just wish there was more I could have done to some how prevent all of that and just had a peaceful life with ted. Again great novel I would love to read more if you ever make more novels I do hope for a seconded part maybe where things with ted can be fixed based on your choices.  


also did you cry when making it. Because personally I would if I was making this


I did. Multiple times ;-;

You also need to write a jesse’s own story! you can’t just leave him aside because yet I think a pretty big role in this game and at no point will the jess story be shown as to what’s going on between them! I hope I will also write Jesse to the end of the story and hopefully there would be a good ending. Needless to say, annoying when you have completely ignored this character: /

The ending gave me crippling depression it's soooo saaaad

its very sad


damn... it's been a minute since a game made me cry this hard. this vn is awesome and hits so hard


Oh my heart, oh my acheing heart. This did a number on me, similar to remember the flowers and far beyond the world. Truly a heavy hitter


The ending where you leave made me cry I wish things worked out the two made a perfect couple and the ending where he stayed was probably somewhat the right ending but I wish there where some way to save colin/jeffry



Why is someone always dying in each ending? It makes me sad but invested. 😭😭


that ending made me cry


omg, I love this novel super, although I had to wait a long time for the update it was really worth it! 

I can't wait for the next update to come, keep it up!


Love this VN! Thank you so much for turning my always-dreaming fantasy into such a work!  Background music also Great!


Somehow before Ted mentioned his eye color, I instinctively have a feeling about his identity, so I'm not that surprised when he tells the truth. <3 Maybe that's the reason why I foolishly follow him into that world in the first place. And I notice Caijoru changes into Ted's clothes, which makes me feel really bittersweet. While waiting,  I furiously imagine what adventures they have, what stories they share,  just to linger so the end won't come so fast...

For another route, I appreciate the shift of viewpoint, and Sean is a good listener! Really want to know more about Caijoru's past!


I'm not great at putting my thoughts into words or writing long comments but I just gotta say that I absolutely love this VN! I found it about a week ago and I've been obsessed ever since, it's very quickly become my favorite VN.

Also Jeffrey is honestly a really relatable character for me, I like him a lot.~

I eagerly and patiently look forward to every future update.~


Hey, that's awesome :D I'm glad you're enjoying it ^^

Hello, I liked your novel very much, the horror genre I like very much. I'm a translator from Russia, and I'm part of a project that translates short stories for Russian mortals, and I'd really like to translate your short story into Russian, can I do that?

Sure! As long as it's made clear that it's a fan translation.

How can I contact you? I'm ready to provide you with a Russian translation for nothing, without any profit)

Deleted post

There's a button with the letter H on it that hides text. It's to the left of the options button.


(Major Ending Spoilers And Personal Mistakes Were Made) Okay. Honestly this game caught me very much by surprise, it end up sitting around on my computer for quite some time before I actually got to it... I unintentionally reading this game while I was depressed (don't worry, I ended up feeling humbled by my choices if that make sense) 

Very well done on the writing and despite it being somewhat short I found it enjoyable to read and able to get more emotion out of me than a decent amount of others. 

I know that there are different routes, although I do not know to what extent (I guess 3 currently with one or more in the works?) feel free to correct me if I'm wrong.

I look forward to seeing where this goes.. and who knows we might even end up with another VN

I had ended up with "two endings", as I got curious and decided to change my last choice.. my first and the one I honestly prefer wait with Caijoru as that's where I got being honest on my first run.

My second.. self-sacrifice just thought it needed mentioning, (those that have gone through it would know why)  needless to say not a fan of that "ending" but hey that's what I get for being curious so yeah :P.

However I think it's best that I don't read anymore this until I'm out of this funk. Keep up the great work and ignore my dyslexia if there any spelling mistakes (if this gets deleted I understand why so no hard feelings. Just figured I would make an attempt to show some support) <3

Thanks for letting me know how you thought of the story! I'm glad you've enjoyed it. I'm sorry to hear that you're struggling with depression though. That's rough :/ I hope things go better for you soon.

In regards to routes, there are 7, though two of them haven't been started yet. If you accept Caijoru's offer in the dream, it splits off into two routes from there. One for Ted and one for Daren. If you keep rejecting his offer then it will split off into 5 routes. Ted, Daren, Marshall, Tracy, and Sean.


Hehe thank you it guaranteeable will as it comes and goes like a yoyo :P

oh nice I was not expecting that many routes, I look forward to where the future goes.

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Okay route ending spoilers but

Why is smug possessed Jeffrey hot??? Mutilate me and I'll thank you sir~


(some major ending spoilers) Okay, but more seriously, is there a twitter or anything to follow to stay up to date on news regarding FbI? No rush, of course, on updates of any kind. 

This is just such a good VN and it shot up to one of my favorites so quickly. Definitely top 5, maybe top 3??? There's so much to say but it's also hard to put into words. I love the Ted reveal and the feeling of straight dread, shock, and betrayal when we got FUCKING PAVLOV'D INTO KILLING SOMEONE...I just needed a couple minutes to process that because...just woah but also what?!?!??!? That moment was just so powerful...

The power dynamic shift especially coming right after that was such a good little bit of vengeance, but also terrifying and further dread inducing as I imagined being stuck as merely a passenger as the curse did as it pleased. The unnerving music was great but also kinda grew to be fun listening music. But overall it was just such a satisfying ending that I'm eager to see what else can happen in other routes. Looking forward to Daren route stuff!

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I'm glad you've enjoyed it! It's always cool hearing what people think about the VN and the story, so thanks for sharing ^^

As far as news about FbI goes, I've just got the devlogs that I post here. I haven't had too much I could say recently cause I've been mostly dealing with health issues, but I am at a point where I can start working more on writing again!


I really didn't expected it to be this good, I knew that it would be good, but not that much, the waiting ending was very unexpected and really made me feel sad, it's really sad how the story unfolded, I really liked it, it's a shame that (spoiler) there's no continuation of what happened to them or if caijoru's brother came back or not, but still I really liked the opening that it makes for anyone continuing the story as they want, but yea I really liked the vn


Thanks, I'm glad you liked it!


Amazing VN. I freaking loved it so much. I am so glad I stumbled upon this, and I look forward to future builds.

Thank you ^^


Just finished all three accept route endings! Just.. wow. W o w. Your writing is reaaaaally good. The music is real good as well! I think I remember something about the music being done by you (or at least made for the game), is that true? The music is stellar and hits all the right spots at the right moments!


Not gonna lie I don't even remember there being a NSFW scene in the game


ngl dis vn too good to be read only once, currently on my third time


I really like the vn so much =w=
really love the relationship between ted and jeffrey, the ending is very good and very.. well won't say it XD
after all i rating this 5/5 stars can't wait for the update X3

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Minor spoilers

Since Caijoru can be in someone's dream and control Ted at the same time, that probably means Jeffrey getting scratched in the reject route wasn't caused by the dream, he just got scratched by Ted.


Hello! I just wanted to say that the game is on an excellent path and each build is getting better and better!

I have a question and I hope you don't mind, But do you plan to release the OST on some platform? I would love to have this soundtrack!


I recently uploaded the OST to youtube since someone suggested it to me. I haven't posted it anywhere else though.


Thank you so much!

Deleted 2 days ago

Thank you :D


This happens the dialogue is cut off 😥😥

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Is this on PC, Android, or Mac? I can look into finding a way to fix it.

Edit: I think I know what's going on. I'ma work on fixing it real quick.


Its on Android, I keep forgetting to mention that. 😅😅😅


It should be fixed now. I've replaced the old android download with the new one.

Ended up taking a lot longer than I thought to fix ^^'  And unfortunately Ren'py's android emulator isn't that good since it doesn't show the actual screen size.

Anyways, let me know if there are any further issues!

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This is an excellent game. The core characters are really well-written and the plot is very engaging. It was a great idea to give Jeffery such a large range of expressions. He really comes across as a fully animated, living character with constantly shifting emotions. Daren is such a great bro.

I was also very impressed by your realistic portrayal of mental illness in a obviously flawed and self-destructive yet lovable main character.


Thank you ^^

Hey! I was wondering if it's alright to use the music in this game? (Obviously with credit)

What are you wanting to use it for?

Youtube Live Stream Ending Screen, Love the song "A Tired Realization" and figured it would fit nicely.

Yeah, sure ^^

Thanks alot! and thanks for that song, it's amazing :)

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The game is very well made. The music is decent, the characters are fantastic, and the plot is fairly good. The only quall I have with the game is its length. When the Accept route was finished, I was left wondering if that was really the end of the game or if I had just done something I shouldn't have. While it being short isn't necessarily a bad thing, it just felt like this game was setting up way more than it actually offered. Other than that, it's definitely a good VN!

Well there's more routes, that might satisfy you more, depending on what you felt was missing. But try this most recently added ending!

Is there any discord aerver?

There is not. Sorry about that.

No but there is a fan server. Wish I could find the invite.

marshal is best <3


I've been on a (furry) horror/depresso VN binge since finishing Echo and playing through what's available of its prequels and sequels. I'm enjoying this VN so far through the couple of hours I've had with it on the 'Accept' route, it's definitely a much appreciated 'smaller scope' and slower paced VN as well versus some others so far. The music variety and simplicity is enjoyable as well, though I can imagine what some of the themes (especially during more emotional scenes) could sound like with further refinement as development hopefully continues <3

The character portraits for Jeffrey/our silver fox MC are a welcomed addition too, and add character (hah) to their conversations and occasionally flawed (or lack of) thoughts. I feel it helps to make them more understandable / colorful personality for sure, and fill in some of the 'bareness' that other VNs this early on may have. I've only noticed one typo near the start as well, so overall quality of the writing and art is good too and it hasn't taken away from my growing interest and immersion of the story, or scenarios that could play out as I continue

I'm using the current PC build on linux, and it's using software rendering which is causing poor performance and occasional graphical glitches.

It's still more than playable so this shouldn't be considered a high priority issue, I just wanted to make sure this is documented.


Aw heck yea an update! 

Can't wait to play it later :3


Yay! Update!

Is there a way to help underwrite the cost of this story?


At the moment, no, but that might change in the future!

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